The Reality of Prayer

The Reality of Prayer

The early church continued steadfastly in prayer. Prayer was such a vital part of the church that the apostles appointed deacons to care for the widows so that they might give themselves to prayer. Why was prayer such a huge part of the early church? The answer is throughout all of Jesus’ teachings, but we will focus on John 15.

All life and power belongs to Jesus

We are the branches, Jesus is the vine. Separated from Jesus we are completely powerless. All spiritual life and power come from Jesus. If we are not connected to Him, all we are and all we do will shrivel and die.

We can do nothing

We are completely incapable of doing anything apart from Jesus Christ. We cannot even desire for it is God who gives us the desires of our heart. We cannot even will to do anything for it is God Who works in us to will. We can do nothing because we are without strength. Everything must be done by Christ. All power in heaven and earth has been given to Him. We are nothing more than clay vessels.

God moves in answer to prayer

It is prayer in the name of Jesus that moves God to act on our behalf. He changes our hearts, gives us a new will, places within us new desires, and then carries it out. What do we need in this world? Ask God, and He will give it. The whole of the life of the church is carried out only through prayer.

God’s sovereignty is reality

The early church prayed continuously because they had learned by faith to see reality. Creation is ruled by the Creator. God is almighty. He alone can carry out His will in His creation. As such, it is only natural to spend your time adoring the Creator and asking that He would move His creation to His desired end (which is how you define prayer.) God is a good Father Who will meet our every need, so it is only natural to ask our Father for our needs.


Nothing takes place in this world except in answer to prayer. Will you spend more time in prayer? Will you make it point to join us at Prayer Meeting?

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