Unbelief (John 10:19-27)

Unbelief (John 10:19-27)

After Jesus finishes talking there is a deep discussion concerning Who Jesus is. They cannot decide if He is the Messiah or the Devil. When Jesus returns they ask Him why He has not told them if He is the Messiah. Jesus responds that He has told them and shown them by His miracles. The reason they do not follow Him is that they are not His sheep. From this we learn:

Jesus is polarizing

There is no middle ground with Jesus. You either hate Him or love Him. You are either for Him or against Him. Jesus came to bring a sword of division. He is going to divide the sheep from the goats. He is either the Savior of the World or the world’s biggest fraud. There is no middle ground.

Facts, miracles, and logic do not give faith

Jesus has spoken plainly and clearly that He is the Son of God and the Messiah. In fact, in a few short verses He will declare that He is God, and they still will not believe Him. The miracles that Jesus did prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the He is the Messiah. However, we see that none of these things can give faith to a dead sinner. They will not believe no matter what facts, miracles, or logic is presented to them. They will not believe even if someone raises from the dead.

Faith and obedience are the marks of true sheep

No matter how religious these people were or how much they thought they loved God, they were not Jesus’ sheep. They were outside the sheepfold and therefore not part of the people of God. The distinguishing mark of a sheep is that Jesus knows them and reveals Himself to them. Because of this revelation they recognize Him and obey Him. Faith and obedience are the true marks of sheep. If you do not follow Jesus and His teachings it is not because you need logic, proof, or miracles; it is because you are lost and not His sheep.


Does your life show that you are a sheep? Are you still waiting for further proof before you follow? Will you repent of your sins and follow Christ?


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