Walk in the Light (John 12:32-36)

Walk in the Light (John 12:32-36)

Jesus proclaims that as the Son of Man, He is going to be crucified. The people are confused and ask Him two questions. One, doesn’t the Bible say that the Messiah will reign forever? Two, what do you mean by Son of Man?

Jesus does not answer their questions

As a student of the Bible, I personally find these questions to be very compelling. I personally would like to hear Jesus go through the Old Testament and give a detailed explanation of His coming Kingdom and chart it all out. I also would love for Him to give a full explanation of the phrase “Son of Man.” However, Jesus categorically refuses to answer these questions and instead speaks to something entirely different.

They need to walk in the Light

Jesus compels the people to walk in the light before it becomes dark. He explains that they will be unable to see when it becomes dark. Jesus is speaking in a spiritual metaphor. If they will follow Him, the Light of the World, they will be able to see and understand the mysteries of the Kingdom and find answers to their questions. However, if they reject Him they will never understand anything about Him or His Kingdom.

We enter the Light through faith

Jesus encourages them to trust Him with the knowledge that they have. In doing so He will lead them into deeper and deeper truths. Jesus is clear that the only way to become His follower is faith. You must accept His death on the cross for your sins by simple faith.

As we walk in the Light everything else will become clear

The deeper things of God will only become clear as you continue to walk in the Light of Jesus Christ through faith. Your questions will be answered as you follow Christ; however, do not let your questions keep you from coming to the Light before He departs from you for good.

The boat is leaving the harbor never to return. You can try to figure out how the boat floats, or you can trust that it floats and get on board. As you sail along you will begin to understand how a boat floats. If you stay on the shore, why does it matter if you understand how a boat floats? You will have already been left behind. In like manner, do not wait to trust Christ until your questions are answered. If you do, you will never be saved. Trust Christ now, and He will lead you to the answers you are seeking.


Will you trust Christ?


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