Why Did Jesus Become Man? (1 Corinthians 15:21-22)

Why Did Jesus Become Man? (1 Corinthians 15:21-22)

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ we rarely ask, “Why?” Why did Jesus come to this earth? Why couldn’t God just forgive us from heaven? Why did He become man? Why did He become a baby? Isn’t there a better way?

Finite man sinned against an infinite God

Adam was a finite creature who sinned against an infinite God, making his guilt infinite. God required perfect obedience to His law. One sin would have infinite consequences. Adam’s one sin produced death. This death is eternal separation from God under His just wrath. Man brought sin into this world; therefore, man must die.

It logically follows that no finite man can bring about infinite redemption. Man has sinned, so man must bear the punishment for that sin. However, the only way infinite punishment can be paid in full is through a man of infinite righteousness and worth. The only One that meets that requirement is God Himself.

Nature is imputed by birth

We all are Adam’s descendents; we bear his nature. This is not just true in the genetic sense, but in the spiritual one as well. We are born dead in our sinful natures. We are born condemned. We all received the nature of death in Adam’s sin.

It logically follows that Adam’s nature cannot bring about our redemption. Our Redeemer must be a man yet not be Adam’s descendant. This can only be accomplished if someone becomes a man through the woman alone.

Someone must overcome death

Because we have inherited a nature of infinite death, the only hope we have is Someone with an infinite life. This One must be man yet infinite. He must die yet live. He must be able to bear our sins and death, but He must be able to overcome them both by rising from the dead.

Someone must succeed where Adam failed

Adam’s failure has been passed on to all of his posterity. We need a Second Adam who will succeed and pass on His nature to all His descendants. We have been born into Adam’s nature, and we need a Redeemer who will make us born again into His nature.

Jesus is the only hope for mankind

Jesus Christ, the infinite Son of God, became a man. He was born as a child so that He might fulfill all of God’s righteous demands for mankind from the cradle to the grace. He was born of a virgin so that He might be man yet not inherit Adam’s nature. As a man He is able to die for man’s sins; as infinite God He is able to pay an infinite debt. By rising from the dead, He imparts His nature to all those who are born again through faith in His name.


Will you repent of your sin and believe in Jesus Christ?


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