Worshiping Jesus (John 12:1-11)

Worshiping Jesus (John 12:1-11)

As Jesus is eating dinner with Lazarus and His disciples, Mary anoints His feet with very expensive perfume and wipes His feet with her hair. From this discourse we find out a lot about the people present.

Martha was serving

Just like the story in Luke 10:38-42 Martha was very busy taking care of everyone. She was selflessly making sure that everyone was fed and taken care. However, she once again neglected the most important thing, Jesus Christ. We can become like Martha; we can become so caught up in doing things for Jesus that we actually neglect to worship Him.

Lazarus and the disciples were enjoying themselves

Lazarus and the disciples were gathered around the table enjoying themselves. They were enjoying spending time with Jesus and each other. However, if you stop and think about it, shouldn’t Lazarus be the one pouring out his gratitude on Jesus? Shouldn’t Simon, Matthew, Peter, and the rest of the disciples be doing this? So often we can enjoy what Jesus has done for us without taking the time to truly acknowledge Him and worship Him.

The Jews were gawking

Many Jews came to gawk at Lazarus and Jesus. They had no interest in Jesus. They were only there to see some miracle or find out some gossip to report back to the Pharisees. They were waiting for Jesus to say or do something that would feed the gossip mills for a few more weeks. We can become like these Jews. We can attend church gatherings only to be a gawker. We are only there to find something to gossip about for the next few weeks.

Judas was selfish

Judas was appalled that anyone would spend money on Jesus. Instead the money should have been “given to the poor,” or more properly given to Judas. Judas’ only concern was what he could get out of the gathering. He had no concern for the poor, and he had no love for Jesus Christ. We can become like Judas. We can become so consumed with ourselves that we have no value for Christ or others.

Mary loved Jesus

Mary loved Jesus and showed her love for Him by anointing His feet. She truly valued and worshiped Jesus. She was grateful for what Jesus had already done for her and her family; however, even Mary did not fully realize all that Jesus would do. She did not even realize that He would die on the cross for her sins. She did not realize that as she showered Him with her love that she was anointing His body for burial. If Mary, who was ignorant of Christ’s upcoming death, could show so much love for the Lord, how much more should we who know of His crucifixion and resurrection?


Who are you in the story? Will you worship Jesus?


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