Christ-like Love (John 13:31-35)

Christ-like Love (John 13:31-35)

Jesus’ death is going to bring glory to God

Jesus is now going to be betrayed, arrested, and crucified. He is very clear that this will bring glory to God. God’s love, justice, righteousness, mercy, and grace will be on full display as Jesus dies on the cross. Jesus’ death is the highest expression of God’s love for His people. Indeed, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13.)

We must love as Christ loves us

Jesus here gives a new commandment, love one another as He has loved us. This commandment is not new in the sense of “love one another;” it is new in that “love one another” takes on a new meaning, “as I have loved you.” Love is thus defined as being willing to suffer and die for the ultimate good of the person loved as Jesus has done for us. Love then is not a feeling or an emotion; it is intentionally placing the well being of another above your own.

The defining characteristic of a Christian is love

The mark of a true believer in Jesus Christ is his conformity to Christ in love. This is the first fruit of the Spirit. A Christian is not marked by baptism, modest clothing, conservative music, homeschooling, a particular Bible translation, etc. A true Christian is identified by the love they have emanating from their life. We can conclude in light of this that the one who says they love God but does not love his brother is a liar (1 John 4:20.) The defining characteristic of a true believer is Christ-like, self-sacrificing love for others, specifically the people of God. This love for one another is how we bring glory to God.


Are you growing in your love for the brethren? Do others notice how loving you are? Based upon how you love others, are you truly following Christ?


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