Do You Really Know the Truth? (John 7:40-53)

Do You Really Know the Truth? (John 7:40-53)

After Jesus’ teachings during the Feast of Tabernacles, there is much debate about who Jesus is. Many people believe that He is the Messiah. Others contend that He is not the Messiah, but a false teacher who is deceiving the people. The Pharisees even send soldiers to arrest Jesus, but they return empty handed. When the Pharisees ask the soldiers why they did not arrest Jesus they reply that they had never heard anyone teach like He taught. The Pharisees then blast the soldiers and anyone who sides with Jesus as being ignorant of the Law. Nicodemus says that the Law commands them to hear someone out before judging them, but the Pharisees blast him as ignorant of the Law as well.

There will always be mixed opinions on Jesus and His teachings

Until Jesus returns, the powers of darkness will seek to obscure the light. There will never be a true consensus by men concerning Christ’s teachings. In fact, Jesus said that His teachings would divide people including family members. We must accept the person, work, and teachings of Christ whether others will or not.

It is often the most religious people who reject Jesus

Throughout all of history, no one has opposed the teachings of Jesus Christ more than religious people. It is those who think that they “know” Scripture that most often reject Christ and His Word. Religious people will oppose the Bible on the grounds of what the Bible supposedly teaches. Many times they will out right reject the clear teachings of Scripture because of their supposed knowledge of Scripture.

People who are wrong refuse to debate

The Pharisees refuse to even hear what Jesus has to say. They reject Nicodemus’ suggestion that they follow the Law of God and hear Jesus out before judging Him. People who are wrong do not want to step into the light of public scrutiny. They do not want their ideas to be publicly examined. However, people who know God’s truth are more than willing to publicly take a stand and be examined.

Most people have no idea what the Bible teaches

The most remarkable thing about this whole passage is the clear teaching of Isaiah 9:1-2. In this passage it clearly says that the Light that comes to darkened Israel will come from Galilee. The people who “knew” the Bible were the ones who were the most ignorant of the Word of God. This should serve as a warning to us to humble ourselves and study the Word of God. It is only in doing this that we may be assured of our salvation and the salvation of others.


Will you humble yourself enough to acknowledge that you do not know the Word of God as you should? Will you study the Word of God to see what God actually says?


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