Love is a Choice to Suffer (John 6:66-71)

Love is a Choice to Suffer (John 6:66-71)

Jesus chose Judas

Of all the people that Jesus could have chosen, He chose Judas Iscariot to be His disciple. This choice is not for salvation (election) but to be one of His closest friends. Jesus chose to spend several years pouring into Judas’ life.

Jesus knew Judas would betray Him

Jesus knew the true state of Judas’ heart. He knew that he was the one who would betray Him to His death. Jesus knew that Judas was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He knew Judas would cause Him more pain and agony than anyone else on the planet.

The choice to love is a choice to suffer

Jesus chose to love Judas even though He knew that He would suffer because of Judas. Jesus is here showing us that love is a choice that always involves suffering. “Love suffers long.” In order to love like Christ we will have to suffer at the hands of those we love.

This means that we choose to love our parents even when they cause us pain. We choose to love our spouse even though they hurt us. We choose to love our children even though they will bring about suffering. We choose to love the people of God even though they may stab us in the back. We choose to love all those who bear the image of God because God chose to love us even when we had crucified His Son.


Have you experienced the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ for every sin? Will you seek the Lord for more of His love to be poured out through you towards others?


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