Moralism vs. the Resurrection

Moralism vs. the Resurrection

It is a common belief that even if the resurrection of Jesus Christ, miracles, creation, heaven, hell, etc. are a myth Christianity is still to be preferred because moral people live happier lives. However, Paul says that if Jesus has not risen from the dead Christians are to be pitied more than anyone else. If Jesus Christ is not the risen Son of God, Christians are the most miserable people on the planet not the most blessed. How can we reconcile these two statements? Don’t moral people live better, happier lives? Don’t people who tell the truth have less to worry about? Don’t people of integrity do better in business? How can these two statements be reconciled?

Moralism is not Christianity

The main problem with this belief is that Christianity is not moralism. It is not an effort to be a good person. Christianity is not about character, morals, being a good citizen, etc. All of the Pharisees were extremely moral people; however, they clearly were not Christians. Unfortunately, Christianity has been preached as morality in our country, but this is simply not what Christianity is.

Moralism only profits in this life

Moral people do live better lives. They do not have to worry about going to jail. They do not have to worry about people hating them. They do not have to face financial hardship, loss of jobs, etc. However, good Christian morals do not save from hell. Moralism only profits in this life, but it does us no good for the life to come.

Moralism produces hypocrites

The law of God demands perfection. We cannot measure up to perfection. The law of God is a hurdle that we cannot get over. This leaves men with two options. One, abandon moralism and look for hope elsewhere. Two, lower the standard so that you can attain it. Moralism demands people lower the standard so that they “pass” the test. As men lower the standard it produces hypocrisy. Eventually the standard becomes appearance of being good as opposed to actual righteousness from the heart.

Jesus came to bring about a radical change of life

The resurrection of Jesus Christ ushers in a radical transformation of life. So radical that the Bible describes the change as a literal raising from the dead for the soul of those who believe. This produces people who are not “good” by society’s standards. The resurrection produces people who are radically abandoned to the kingdom. They are not going to submit to the government as “good” citizens. Instead they will gladly go to jail for the cause of Christ. They will not shut up; instead they will preach the resurrection of Jesus Christ until they are silenced by death. They are not “good” parents; they are people who radically “indoctrinate” their children concerning the truths of Scripture. They are not “good” business men. They are people who sell everything for the cause of Christ. In short Christianity is a people who will sacrifice this life for the next.

The Resurrection is a reality

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is not a myth. Therefore we must repent of our moralism and run to the risen Savior. This will bring about suffering and loss in this life but eternal life in the world to come.


Will you repent of moralism and embrace the Risen Savior?


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