Jesus is Testing You (John 6:1-14)

Jesus is Testing You (John 6:1-14)

Jesus now has thousands of people coming to hear Him preach. Jesus asks Philip how they are going to buy food for them all. Philip has no idea how they are going to provide food for everyone.

Jesus knows what He is going to do

Jesus is going to feed the people through a miracle. He knew this before He ever asked Philip how they were going to feed the people. Nothing takes Jesus by surprise. Everything happens in accordance with His perfect plan.

Jesus knows everything that you are going through. In fact, it is all happening exactly as He planned. He is not surprised by what is going on in your life. He knows exactly what He is going to do.

Jesus is putting Philip to the test

Jesus is testing Philip to see whether he will trust Jesus or look to some other means of provision. Will Philip walk by faith or by sight?

Jesus is putting you to the test. All of the stress, pain, pressure, questions, etc. are meant to test your faith. Will you look to Him or to the flesh? Will you walk by faith or by sight?

Jesus asks for all that we have

Jesus was able to feed the thousands without anything, but He was pleased to use the small meal of a boy. It was not much and it definitely was not enough, but Jesus used the small offering to bring about the feeding of thousands.

All Jesus asks of us is that we surrender to Him all that we possess. He does not need it and it is definitely not enough for the task, but He is pleased to use us. We must make our entire beings available for His work.

We must walk by faith

The question that Jesus poses to Philip is one of faith verses sight. We must all choose to reject what we see as possible and walk by faith in the God who does the impossible. Those who walk by faith will see the impossible happen.


How is God testing you? Will you choose to walk by faith? Will you surrender to His will?


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