Seek Him for Yourself (John 4:39-42)

Seek Him for Yourself (John 4:39-42)

The Samaritan woman now goes into the village to tell people of her encounter with Jesus.

Many people believed in Jesus because of the woman’s testimony

The Samaritan woman tells people about her encounter with Jesus. Her testimony is that Jesus exposed all of her sin. This teaches us two things about believers openly confessing their sins when they share the Gospel. One, people need to have their sin exposed, and many times the best way to do that is through our own confession of sin. Way too often believers give the impression to sinful people that we are saved because we have not committed certain sins. The woman’s open confession caused people to realize that the woman was not saved by her works. Two, an open confession of sin shows that our acceptance before God is not based upon our works but His grace. If the Samaritan woman can be forgiven surely others can as well.

Many more people came to hear Jesus for themselves

Our evangelism has one goal. We must bring people into contact with Jesus. The woman did not desire to get a following for herself. She wanted others to find what she had found in Jesus. Evangelism is not about getting people to go to church. Evangelism is about getting people to go to Jesus.

More people came to faith from contact with Jesus than the woman’s testimony

We need to encourage people to not take our word but to seek Jesus for themselves. Way too many church members have never had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. They are just taking someone else’s word for it. We must seek Jesus for ourselves. We must shun traditions and the teachings of men and encounter Jesus for ourselves.


We must be honest about our sins. We must invite people to come to Jesus. We must seek Jesus for ourselves.


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