Surrendered for Service

Surrendered for Service

Isaiah hears God speak

We do not know if God was speaking before this, but we do know that Isaiah never heard the Lord’s voice until he was purged from sin. Many times our sin interferes with us hearing God’s voice. This is why confession of sin and cleansing from sin is so vital to the Christian life: we want to hear God’s voice clearly.

Isaiah surrenders for service

Upon hearing God speak, Isaiah volunteers. His statement is one of availability not ability. It is one of surrender not fitness for service. God is looking for surrendered hearts not people of great ability.

Isaiah has no idea as to what he is volunteering for

Isaiah volunteers and makes himself available, but he has no idea what he is going to be doing. His love for God, his vision of God’s holiness, and his cleansing from sin cause him to surrender to whatever the Lord would have him do. As believers we must give God a blank check and let Him fill in the blanks.

Isaiah’s mission is not one of “success,” it is one of faithfulness

Upon his surrender, God tells Isaiah his mission. Isaiah is supposed to preach to people that will not receive his message. He is to preach until the measure of God’s wrath is full and He judges them. Isaiah was asked to be faithful, not successful as we think of success. God asks us to faithfully obey Him, even if we do not see results in our lifetime.


Will you repent so that you might hear God’s voice? Will you surrender to the Lord? Will you give the Lord a blank check for your life to do as He pleases? Will you be faithful to whatever He calls you to do, no matter the outcome?


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