The Chain of Salvation (John 6:36-65)

The Chain of Salvation (John 6:36-65)

John 6 is often considered a problem passage for most believers because of Jesus’ teachings on election and predestination. However, the passage is extremely easy to interpret. Jesus speaks very simply and plainly in the text. The problem lies in what His teachings do to the system of “Christian” doctrine that we have been immersed in. What Jesus says here should change our view of human nature, the Gospel, how we reach the lost, etc.

Some believe, others don’t

Jesus speaks of everyone seeing the same thing, but some believe and others do not believe. The question is why? What is the difference in the two groups? Does the difference lie within the individual? Is it because they are smarter, more spiritual, better educated, more humble, etc.? Jesus answers this question in the rest of what He says.

All the Father gives will come

God has chosen a group of people, called the elect, to give to Jesus. Everyone that He gives to Jesus will come. This means that all the elect will come to faith in Jesus Christ. Every single one will become a believer.

Jesus will not lose the ones who come

Everyone who comes to Jesus in faith will be eternally secure. They will be raised at the last day (glorification.) Jesus will not cast them out, and He will not lose a single one.

No one can come unless God draws them

No one has the ability to come to Jesus on their own. God must draw them to Christ. The Holy Spirit must convict them and give them faith and repentance. Those who come to Christ come because the Spirit of God has taught them their need of salvation. Many people “see” without seeing and “hear” without truly hearing. God must open their hearts and draw them to Christ.

The power of the Spirit accompanies the pure preaching of God’s Word

How does the Spirit give life and draw men to Christ? Through the pure preaching of God’s Word. The flesh cannot bring about salvation; only the Spirit can. The preaching of the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation.

The chain of salvation is: Given by the Father (Predestination, Election), Drawing of the Spirit (Conviction), Coming to Christ in faith (Regeneration, Justification), Sustained by Christ as we become more like Him (Sanctification), Raised at the Last Day (Glorification)


We must reject a man-centered gospel and embrace a God-centered Gospel. We must reject anything that grieves the Spirit so that His power rests upon us. We should be more concerned about offending Him than offending men. We must pray more because it is God Who brings about salvation. We can preach the Gospel with certainty. They will be saved when they hear the Gospel.


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