The Great I Am (John 8:48-59)

The Great I Am (John 8:48-59)

The Jews cannot refute what Jesus has said, so they now resort to name calling. The say that He is a Samaritan and demon-possessed.

Jesus is only concerned with God’s glory and man’s good

Jesus is not concerned with the opinion of the crowds. He is only concerned with God’s glory, and He is only concerned with God’s judgment, not man’s. He is telling them the truth so that they might have eternal life. Even though they continue to slander Him, Jesus continually shows them that He is not concerned with anything other than the glory of God.

Lost people do not know God

There is no factual or logical reason that the Pharisees are rejecting Christ. They can find no fault in His life. He is not sinning against them, God, or anyone else. They can find no lies that He is telling. They continue to reject Him because they do not know God. If they knew God they would love His Son.

Jesus is greater than Abraham and the prophets

Jesus speaks of how Abraham rejoiced to see Him. In response to this, the Pharisees finally get something right. They realize that Jesus is declaring Himself to be greater than Abraham and all the prophets. Jesus is declaring Himself to be something far greater than a great teacher.

Jesus is the Great I Am

Jesus declares that He is the I Am. He declares Himself to be the Eternal God, Who is the Creator and Sovereign Ruler of all the universe. Jesus can no longer be consider a great teacher of morality. He is either a horrid liar filled with delusion and blasphemy, or He is the Lord of All. He cannot be simply a teacher or a prophet. He is either God and must be obeyed without question, or He is a liar who must be totally rejected.


Is Jesus God, or is Jesus a liar? Will you repent of your sins and obey the Great I Am?


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