The Only Source of Comfort (John 14:22-26)

The Only Source of Comfort (John 14:22-26)

Jesus has been teaching the disciples about the special relationship that they enjoy with Him through faith in Him. Judas (also called Thaddeus) asks Him why He will not reveal Himself to the rest of the world. The disciples are envisioning a Savior who will show the Roman Empire His power and overthrow them ushering in an era of Jewish rule.

We view the problem as outside of us

All people are discontented, discomforted, and struggling. We naturally view this as a problem that lies outside of us. Like the disciples we desire God to change the politics or culture of our day. We desire a new government or societal acceptance. We wrongly believe that this change of circumstances will result in our comfort and joy. Like humans today, the disciples want Jesus to use His power to change their circumstances.

Our problem is within us

We are born completely disconnected from the life of God. This is the true source of our discomfort and pain. It is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that enables us to love Jesus and keep His commandments that this life of God is restored within us. This was the conclusion of Solomon in Ecclesiastes 12. Only a life that loves God and keeps His commandments is fulfilling. Everything else is vanity. Our souls are made for God, and nothing in this world can satisfy us.

The Comforter reminds us of Scripture

Like Peter walking on the water we can allow our circumstances to take our eyes off of Jesus Christ. This causes us to sink into despair. The Holy Spirit will remind us of Scripture to help keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, the only true source of Comfort. When we are comforted by the Holy Spirit we are at peace no matter what our circumstances may be.


Is your soul at rest? Have you learned to love God and keep His commandments? Do you look to the Holy Spirit for comfort or to your circumstances?


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