Wanted by God and His People

Wanted by God and His People

This week marks the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion in the United States. Since then, approximately 56 million babies have been murdered in this country, making the American abortion problem roughly five times worse than the Nazi Holocaust. Unfortunately when abortion comes up, most believers believe that their only duty is to vote for prolife candidates at election times. However, law does not change human hearts. Grace does. We must show the incarnational love and grace of Jesus Christ for those who are most susceptible to have an abortion. In Ezekiel 16 God tells the birth story of Israel:

Israel was “from the wrong side of the tracks”

God speaks of the nation of Israel as originating from an undesirable place and undesirable people. All of us come from troubled genealogies. We are all descendants of Adam.

Israel was not wanted as a child

Israel was thrown out with the garbage the moment she was born. No one loved her, and no one wanted her. It is the same with us spiritually. If people truly knew the sins of our hearts no one would be our friend. No one would desire us.

God saw Israel and loved her

God saw Israel while she was lying in the ditch and loved her. He picked her up and gave her life. So it was with our salvation. Jesus saw us wallowing in our sin, loved us, picked us up, and gave us new life.

God adopted Israel and made her grow

God picked up Israel, made her a part of His family, and caused her to grow into a beautiful woman. So it is with our salvation. Jesus found us, loved us, adopted us, and made us grow into something beautiful.

Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another

If God has loved us in our weakness, sinfulness, and brokenness we should love others in the same manner. We must be like the Good Samaritan and love the hurting, abandoned, lonely, and broken people among us. We need to create a community where abortion susceptible women realize that their unborn child will be welcomed and loved. We do this by creating an environment where the woman herself is loved. We must be willing to get in the ditch of our society and cry, “Live!” the way God sought us.


Have you experienced the life changing love of Jesus Christ? Are you showing the love of Christ to the hurting, broken, and marginalized around you?



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