A New Life of Imitation (John 5:19-29)

A New Life of Imitation (John 5:19-29)

Jesus has just declared that God is His Father and that as the Son of God He has the right to work on the Sabbath. He explains further:

Jesus only follows His Father’s example

Jesus does not choose what He does. He simply follows the example of His Father and does His will. His Father loves Him and shows Him what He is supposed to do. His Father will be doing greater things than healing the sick on the Sabbath day. He will raise Jesus from the dead and raise many sinners out of their sins.

Jesus is to be honored

God has given Jesus the power to give life to whomever He desires. He has also committed all judgment to Jesus. Because of this, everyone should honor Jesus. After all, Jesus is the only One Who can give us life and judge us on the Day of Judgment.

The only way to have life is to believe in Jesus

The only way to receive the life that Jesus gives is faith in Him as the Son of God. Keeping the Sabbath or obeying any other law will not give life. Life is only found through faith in Jesus as the Son of God.

This faith is a new life because of Jesus

Jesus calls men to new life, and He alone has the power to bring it about. He raises men to new life who are dead in their sins. He is the Life Giver and Judge. We need Him to move on our behalf.

This new life is marked by an imitation of Jesus

Jesus clearly teaches that those who have received a new life through faith in Him as the Son of God now live good lives. This good life is found in the life of Jesus imitating the Father through the born again man or woman. Those who remain in death show forth the coming judgment by the evil of their lives.


Have you been called to new life by Jesus Christ? Is this new life seen by your imitation of Jesus Christ?


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