Do You Know God? (John 7:25-29)

Do You Know God? (John 7:25-29)

The longer Jesus talks, the more the Jews dislike Him. He is continually pointing out that they are not right with God, and that He is the only way for them to be right with the Father.

The Jews are surprised at Jesus’ boldness

The Jews want to kill Jesus, and Jesus knows this. However, Jesus continues to boldly speak the truth. This amazes the Jews. People who are walking in the light have no problem speaking the truth openly. It is only people who live in darkness that must slink around trying to slip their agenda in without being confronted.

The Jews have “biblical” reasons that Jesus is not the Christ

The Jews “know” that Jesus cannot be the Messiah. They “know” too much about Him, and they “know” too much about Who the Messiah will be. They “know” that no one will know where the Messiah comes from. However, the Jews are wrong. The Scriptures clearly teach that the Messiah will be born of a virgin in Bethlehem. He will come from Egypt and make Nazareth His home town.

The Jews do not know God

Jesus boldly proclaims that the reason the Jews do not recognize Him as the Messiah is that they do not know God. Because they do not know God, they do not understand His Word. The whole of their problem is that they do not know the Father.


Do you know God through His Son, Jesus Christ? Are you learning more about God in His Word?


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