Finish His Work (John 4:31-38)

Finish His Work (John 4:31-38)

Jesus has just had His encounter with the Samaritan woman by the well. His disciples now return with food for Him to eat. Jesus says that He is not hungry, and what follows is Jesus’ teaching on faithfulness to the task God has given you.

Jesus is satisfied by finishing God’s task for Him

Just as the woman at the well was satisfied by Jesus, so Jesus is satisfied with doing the Father’s Will. He is no longer hungry because He does not live by bread alone. His life is found in finishing the work that God has given Him to do.

There is much work to be done

Jesus then points out to the disciples that there is a huge harvest waiting. They need to begin to work the harvest now. There is no time to wait.

We must work in light of eternity

Jesus speaks of working in the Lord’s fields for eternal wages. Their joy will be found in working with other believers in the Lord’s field. They are to work for eternal rewards and eternal joy, not temporal money.

Some sow, others reap

In the Lord’s field, some sow and some reap, but both receive eternal reward. We must finish the task given to us. We may never see the earthly harvest or we may reap a huge harvest. It does not matter. We will not be satisfied by a harvest; we will be satisfied by finish the task given to us by the Father.

Someone has to do the hard work of sowing

The disciples were going to reap even though others had sown. John the Baptist, the prophets, and Jesus had done the hard work of uprooting trees, tilling the soil, and planting the seed. It was the disciples who would reap the harvest from their work.


We must labor at the task God has given us even when we do not see earthly results.

We must sow so that others might reap.

We must seek satisfaction in finishing the Lord’s work, not earthly rewards.



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