Jesus is Life (John 6:22-36)

Jesus is Life (John 6:22-36)

As we look back in depth at John 6 we must remember that the people who are coming to Jesus for food think that they are already right with God because of their works. In their minds they already have eternal life because of everything that they have done. They are only coming to Jesus for food.

Works will never save us

Jesus tells them that everything that they have done is going to perish. They are seeking things that will only die. Their works are not good enough for eternal life.

Jesus gives eternal life

Jesus has come to give eternal life. This statement implies three things: one, they are lost. Two, salvation is a free gift of God’s grace. Three, salvation is only found in Jesus.

They want to know what works make God happy

The crowds do not understand what Jesus is saying. They believe that they are right with God, but Jesus says that they need to labor for the meat that He gives. They want to know what work they are missing.

The only thing that pleases God is faith in Jesus

Jesus tells the crowds that the only thing that pleases God is faith in Him. This is the work that is pleasing to God. The people had devoted themselves to works, not to Jesus. They only needed Him for food, not for eternal life. Jesus is teaching the people that “without faith it is impossible to please Him.” Faith is Jesus is the only thing that makes a person acceptable before God.

Jesus is Life

The people saw Jesus as the Giver of Food; Jesus presented Himself as the Giver of Life. Not only that, but Jesus presented Himself as Life Itself. We need Jesus. He is our life.


Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Is that faith seen in your seeking Him? Will you repent of your works, let go of your attachment to earthly things, and embrace Him? Is Jesus your life?

Judah is Chosen


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