Satisfied by Jesus (John 4:1-32)

Satisfied by Jesus (John 4:1-32)

Jesus here meets the Samaritan woman at the well. She comes at a time when no other women are there, indicating that she was probably an outcast of her society.

Jesus speaks to those society rejects

This woman has been apparently rejected by the women in her society, presumably because of her going from man to man. Also, Jews did not speak to Samaritans. However, Jesus is the Friend of Sinners, so He begins a conversation with her.

Jesus speaks of fulfillment and satisfaction

Jesus speaks to the woman of Living Water that quenches thirst. This water is internal and not external; it is not found in any well. Jesus is here using the woman’s physical thirst for water to show that the woman is spiritually thirsty. She is spiritually thirsty, but she is seeking for fulfillment and satisfaction in something other than Jesus.

Jesus speaks to sins society glosses over

Jesus next directly addresses her divorces, remarriages, and sexual immorality. He addresses the very things that no one wants to talk about. He finds her sorest spot and sticks His finger in it. Jesus is the Great Physician. He knows how to cure souls. He knows that the most loving thing that a man can do is to address the deepest darkest places of our lives that we try desperately to forget. He does this in order to heal and remove the cancer of sin. True love does not gloss over sin. Love addresses sin head on in order to remove the sin.

Jesus speaks to religious hypocrisy

The woman, understandably so, does not want to talk about her divorces and remarriages, so she changes the subject to how God is supposed to be worshiped. Jesus here tells her that God is to be worshiped in Spirit and in truth. In other words, God desires people to be honest about themselves and their sin and worship Him out of a heart overflowing with satisfaction in Him. The woman at the well was trying to gloss over her sin by “worshiping” God and going through religious motions. Jesus here shows her that she must have the Living Water within her inmost being and be honest about her sin.

Jesus declares Himself to be what the woman needs

The woman again tries to skirt the real issue by saying that the only person who could really know what is true is the Messiah. Jesus here declares Himself to be the Messiah, and the woman is converted. She leaves her water pot indicating that she has found satisfaction in the Living Water, Jesus the Messiah. She then runs and tells everyone that Jesus has told her about her past. She finally is honest about her sin. Her sin has been brought to light, repented of, and the spiritual thirst of her soul has been satisfied by Jesus.


Are you willing to speak to those society rejects? Are you willing to be honest about your sins? Are you satisfied by Jesus? Will you throw down earthly things that do not satisfy in order that you might have Jesus Who satisfies?


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