The Savior is No Longer Waiting (John 8:21)

The Savior is No Longer Waiting (John 8:21)

Jesus has been having a back and forth discussion with the Pharisees. He now says some very sobering words.

Jesus is going

We so often envision a Savior Who patiently waits for us to decide to follow Him. Jesus here declares things to be the exact opposite of what we expect. Jesus is not waiting for them; He is going His way. Jesus is leaving them behind. Their window of opportunity has passed. The ship is setting sail without them on board. The truth is that the world revolves around Jesus not us. We wait for Him; He does not wait for us. His desires will be done, not ours. His way will be followed, not ours. Jesus has waited long enough for the Pharisees. Jesus is going His way without them.

They will seek Him

There will come a time when the Pharisees want Jesus. However, it is very clear that when that time comes it will be too late. We often think of God giving us an infinite amount of chances to follow Christ. The truth is that there will come a time when you can seek all you want; you will not find Christ because He has left you behind.

They will die in their sins

There is perhaps no greater horror than dying with your hand in the cookie jar. No one wants their last moments on earth to be scandalous. No one wants to meet their Maker with their proverbial pants down. However, we somehow think that if we give our sin enough time, God will forget it. The truth is that no matter how long ago your sin was, when you stand before God it will be like you died with your hand still in the cookie jar.

They cannot enter heaven

Because the Pharisees rejected Jesus heaven was already closed to them. They had been given the opportunity to come into the light, confess their sins, and be forgiven. They had rejected this, so Jesus eternally rejected them.


The only way to avoid the Pharisees’ fate is to come to Jesus now, while you can. Do not delay to give the Lord your life. Do not delay to seek forgiveness because there is coming a day when you will seek in vain.


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