Who is John the Baptist? (John 1:19-28)

Who is John the Baptist? (John 1:19-28)

John the Baptist is not the Christ

John the Baptist emphasizes that he is not the Savior. Salvation is not found in John the Baptist.

John the Baptist is not Elijah or some great prophet

John did not seek accolades or a reputation for himself. He flat out denies that he is the second coming of Elijah or any great prophet. He is simply a man born from a woman.

John the Baptist is the Voice that prepares the way of the Lord

John is simply a voice preparing the way for the Christ. He is sent to straighten things out for the coming Messiah. He brings men under conviction of sin, so that they might seek the Savior. He shows the hopeless that there is hope in the One to come. He prepares men’s heart for the only One Who can save them.

John’s Baptism does not save, but points people to the Savior

John baptizes people as an expression of their repentance. The washing of the water is a symbol that God has forgiven their sins. John is careful to show those he baptizes their need of an inner change that water cannot bring about. His ministry is intended to point men to Jesus Christ Who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.


We must not seek a name for ourselves. We must make the name of Jesus great. We cannot save people. It is our duty to prepare the way for Jesus to save them. We must point people to Jesus.


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