Man’s Inability & Christ’s Ability (John 1:5)

Man’s Inability & Christ’s Ability (John 1:5)

All men are without excuse

The Light of Jesus Christ has shown through nature and men’s consciences since the beginning; however, all men have rejected the Light they have received. There is no one who goes to heck without receiving a measure of Light. They go to heck, not because of their ignorance of the Light, but because of their rejection of the Light. Therefore, all men are without excuse at the judgment (Romans 1:18-20).

Men are unable to apprehend Christ

Even though the Light has been shining on all men through nature, their consciences, and the Word of God they have been unable to understand or grasp the Light. We are told in Ephesians 2 that this is because man is dead in his sins. As such, man’s most righteous deeds are unacceptable before God (Isaiah 64:6). There is no good thing that any man can do to be made right with God (Romans 3:20). Simply put men are unable to come to the Light (John 6:44).

Salvation is by Grace alone through Faith alone in Christ alone

If man can do nothing to merit salvation, then he can only be saved by the action of God. God’s motivation to save men is not based upon any good in man because all men have rejected the Light and have done nothing worthy of God’s favor. Therefore, God freely chose out of the goodness of His nature, without any foreseen merit in men, to save men. This is called grace. This grace is seen in that Jesus Christ came to this world to accomplish salvation through His death and resurrection while we were still rejecting the Light (Romans 5:8). Jesus has done what we are completely unable to do. Jesus has done everything necessary for our salvation. Either we believe that Jesus has done everything, or we try to merit our own salvation and fall short (Romans 3:23).


There are no excuses before the throne of God. You either receive Jesus, or you face His wrath (Psalm 2:12).

Salvation is for God’s glory alone. If man worked to bring about his own salvation he would have something to boast in. Man’s salvation was brought about entirely by Jesus, therefore only Jesus will be praised for all eternity.

You must believe in Christ to be saved.


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