The Only Way (John 10:6-9)

The Only Way (John 10:6-9)

The people do not understand Jesus’ teaching about robbers. Jesus now continues to instruct the man who was blind and those present about false teachers and the only way to be right with God.

Jesus is the Door

The man who was blind has been rejected by his community, his synagogue, and his religion. Most people in his position would consider themselves lost and rejected by God. However, Jesus is very clear that He alone is the door. Pastors, popes, church membership, baptisms, and the like can never make someone right with God or shut them out of His presence. Only Jesus can do that.

Jesus only lets sheep in

Doors are used for two purposes, letting people in and shutting people out. Jesus is very clear; He is a door that only lets sheep in. He will shut all wolves and goats out. To enter heaven you must get past Jesus. You cannot ignore Jesus and His teachings and expect to make it into God’s presence. As a church we must follow Jesus’ example. Only sheep can be allowed within the fold of church membership.

There is a multitude of thieves

There will be many religious leaders, teachers, etc. who will teach the Word of God. However, many of them will seek to lead you away from the Door. Jesus is very clear. It is He alone that we must come to terms with. It does not matter what any man says, no matter how holy he may be; all that matters is the verdict of Jesus Christ.

The mark of true believers

How do I know that I have entered in through the door that is Jesus Christ? The answer is clear. You go in and out and find pasture. The phrase in and out refers to that idea that in your public and private life you follow Jesus Christ. Finding pasture means that you feed on His Word and grow into His likeness. The mark of someone who has gone through the Door is that they are found on the Narrow Way following Jesus Christ and growing in Him.


Have you gone through the Door? Are you on the Narrow Way? Are you feeding on the Word of God and growing in your likeness to Jesus?


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