Sermons on Phillipians

Sermons on Phillipians

“Thankfulness: The Cure for Anxiety” – Philippians 4:6-7

Main thoughts: As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we are looking at Philippians 4:6-7. In this passage Paul shows us how to handle our worries and anxiety.   Do not have anxiety over one single thing. Contrariwise in every circumstance you find yourself in by worshipful prayer and petitions with grateful language let the things you ask for be made known to God. And the way God will set all things at one within you (which is superior to every…

Church Family

This week was Antioch’s homecoming and guest speaker Dr. Randy Williams shared about the family that we are a part of as children of God.

The Church Exists to Worship Jesus

Jesus is of surpassing worth Paul here states that he is willing to give up everything for Christ. He is willing to do this because Christ is of surpassing worth or value. Paul sees that Jesus is of infinite worth and that everything else pales in comparison to Christ. This is the essence of worship. The word “worship” in English means to assign supreme value or worth to an object. Paul has come to see that Jesus is of supreme…